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I Beg Your (Post) Partum

I Beg Your (Post) Partum

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Featuring medicinal plants from ancient healing modalities that have been used to help restore women after childbirth, this super tasty blend replenishes nutrients and helps to balance hormones during a time when it's most needed.


Focused on nourishing a depleted new mom, this blend provides a delicious and easy way to regain your strength when your world has been flipped upside down. The herbs in this blend help to increase blood volume and iron levels after childbirth blood loss, replenish antioxidants, support skin healing, and strengthen immune function.


Jujube Date is calming during a time when stress is high, provides immune support, and can help promote sleep during a period when you may feel "wired and tired" due to disturbed sleep. Beetroot helps to build blood volume after birth, replenish antioxidants, reduce inflammation, and gently support the liver in flushing out any remaining medications from labor. Goji berry is high in Vitamin C, which supports the body’s collagen production to aid skin healing after birth. Additionally, Goji increases energy levels, boosts the mood, and helps to restore hormonal health. Ceylon cinnamon and cardamom are considered warming herbs that help restore a depleted state, and strengthen digestion which is usually compromised after birth.


A cardamom scented, red velvet cupcake. Even people who don’t like the taste of beets love this blend!

This blend tastes amazing just mixed into hot water, although adding a creamer couldn’t hurt. Adding a little date sugar provides extra minerals and adds a little sweetness to this blend.

The addition of collagen provides additional protein and amino acids, not to mention helping with tissue and skin healing after labor.

Try adding 1 tsp. of coconut oil for healthy fat to help balance hormones and increase the frothy-ness of your elixir.


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