Trying to Detox? Whats our recommendation....

Before you kick off any new eating habits, diet change ... we recommend you detox your body first. To rid yourself of all the old unnecessary things that are in your body. Its also recommended that once you make the changes.. you continue with a daily detox...


1. Pick one day to do without solid foods. This day you will drink plenty of water, drink protein shakes and smoothies, pressed juices, teas ..etc

2. the next day you can start to eat solid foods again ( only healthy, clean foods). 

We recommend drinking the Organic Detox Tea formulated to be effective, but gentle enough to drink daily (or several cups a day). I have at least 3 daily

We also recommend Daily Cleanse by Hum Nutrition. This will give you the addition cleanse needed as well as help cleanse your skin.

We also recommend Siberian Ginseng and Cordyceps to help with mood and energy. 

I add ginseng and cordyceps to every cup of tea I drink.

3. Have at least 1 protein or collagen shake a day. 

4. For those working out, or for those who get body aches or inflammation, we recommend the Inflammation tea ( it does wonders ) 


We hope this helps you as you start your Healthy journey,


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